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We believe that becoming a more sustainable brand is a journey where every act matters and, step by step, we move forward reviewing habits and giving new meanings to attitudes as an effort to be better as a company for the people and the planet.

We've planted more than half a million trees, always with love for nature Since 2019, we've been planting one tree for each purchase made on our global website, retail, and wholesalers. In 2020, we made a bigger step, planting even more trees in partnership with FARM Brazil. Now, we exceeded our goal and planted 649,487 trees through our global operations.

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Nature is our greatest inspiration, and taking care of it is also to have a loving look at our emissions. Now, in addition to neutralizing the carbon emitted by our collections in Brazil, we're also offsetting the total emissions of our clothing and operations over there and globally. Taking care of nature is to regenerate, compensate, and also reduce! This is a FARM commitment, always with love for nature.

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We've been working hard to introduce more responsible fibers into our collections, finding the best versions the industry has to offer to some of the fibers we use most. We always ensure these more responsibly produced fibers are independently certified.

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In 2017, we traveled to the Gregório river in the Amazon and started a beautiful and lasting partnership with the Yawanawa people. Since then, we support them and their history through the structuring of the handicraft chain, reforestation projects, digital inclusion and cultural festivals. It's about healing, care and respect.

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