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In 2017, we traveled to the Gregório river in the Amazon and started a beautiful and lasting partnetship with the Yawanawa people. Since then, we support them and their history through the structuring of the handicraft chain, reforestation projects, digital inclusion and cultural festivals. It's about healing, care and respect.

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  • hand

    supported their development of their artisanal work;

  • butterfly

    Sponsored to the Yawanawa Cultural Festival - Mariri;

  • world

    Internet installation in 7 villages;

  • plant

    Supported the agroforestry project at Mutum Village;

  • mask

    Distribution of masks during Covid;

  • 160 craftwsomen impacted;

  • 3,224 articles produced;

  • 7,000 trees planted;

  • BRL 1 million in direct income generation;

  • BRL 220 thousand in local investments

It all started in early 2019 when we joined the “Boi de Santa Fé”, a folkloric group from Maranhão, Brazil. With this partnership and the sales of the Folk Party styles, we support the “Associação Cultural do Bumba–meu–boi e Tambor de Crioula Unidos de Santa Fé”, contributing to the perpetuation of one of the most symbolic cultural expressions in Brazil.​ FARM Rio believes in popular culture as an agent for the transformation of people, in Brazil and all around the globe.

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Smiley, joy, and good vibes. We started a partnership with Smiley in 2021, sharing our good vibes and love for the sun. We placed our prints on pants, overalls, skirts, dresses, t-shirts, sweatshirts, windbreakers, jumpsuits, hats, and bags. In return, we donated BRL 142,000 to Smile Train, a leading organization for the treatment of cleft lip and palate. The donation was used to pay for 177 reconstructive surgeries.

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Sankofa Project for streamlined fashion In 2021, FARM Rio donated 223 meters of fabrics to the Sankofa Project, created by the collab Vetor Afro-Indígena na Moda (VAMO) and Projetos na Moda, at the São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW). The project works as a brand incubator. During SPFW, Sankofa showcased new Brazilian labels on the runways: Ateliê Mão de Mãe, Meninos Rei, Naya Violeta, Santa Resistencia, Az Marias, Mile Las, and TA Studios.

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In 2021, FARM Rio began a partnership that promises to be long and beautiful. We fully support the proposal for creating the UniPreta Lab, together with the Oyá Institute from Salvador – Bahia, in the Northeast region of Brazil. The Lab UniPreta Learning and Development Project seeks to strengthen the collective organization processes of the Pirajá community in Salvador based on the diversity of artistic languages, art education, and solidarity economy.