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We are a group of creatives from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that believe in the existence of happiness. More than a brand, we create enlightened cultural movements since 1997. Based in good energies and beautiful frequencies: We believe that solar rays enlighten the soul. We believe in all colors and shapes that nature brings to our eyes, to our feelings. We believe in local culture, and we keep it alive. We believe in quality, we adore details, and the emotions created by these elements, because a powerful product inspires positive transformations in everyone and everywhere. We also believe in hugs, or in Portuguese - we believe in “abraços”. And once we believe, we are. Just like that. Welcome to our magic, and feel it in your soul.
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One Purchase = One Tree Planted

Nature has been our greatest inspiration here at FARM Rio for the past 23 years. We believe it is part of our duty help to protect nature and give back to the environment. This is why we have partnered with One Tree Planted to aid in reforestation efforts in the Amazon rainforest, the largest rainforest in the world and our home, and the Atlantic Forest. For each purchase on our website, in our stores and at other authorized retailers*, we donate the dollar amount equivalent to one tree to be planted. Up until November 2021 we have already donated 659,487 trees to be planted in the Amazon and the Atlantic Forest. *Orders in which full returns are made do not count as purchases **For each purchase, we donate the dollar amount equivalent to one tree to be planted
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Farm Rio’s cheerful creations are crafted with an exotic, toes-in-the-sand spirit that’s simultaneously fashion-forward and vintage-inspired.
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