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We started planting trees a few years ago in Brasil, our home country, in the Atlantic Forest and the Amazon Rainforest with our partners SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation and the Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon, respectively. Now, with the expansion of our brand to the US and other countries, we've partnered with One Tree Planted to scale these initiatives even more. For each purchase on our website, in our stores, and at other authorized retailers, we donate one tree to be planted in different Brazilian biomes, regenerating degraded soils, activating local economies, and recovering our important biodiversity.

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The jaguars always inspired our prints and now became one of our causes. In partnership with @amparasilvestre - an NGO focused on preserving and rehabilitating wild animals, FARM Rio helps protect and return to nature the largest of South America's big cats and one of the most threatened.​ Since 2020, our partnership has given back $71,000.00 to @amparasilvestre. They used it to take care of jaguars that were victims of fires, and it also covered a year of veterinary care.​ Preserving together is our way forward.​Donation amount in BRL: $137.000,00

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Since 2019, FARM Rio has been working with the Instituto Vida Livre, an NGO that works on the rehabilitation and release of wild animals in Rio de Janeiro. Together, we continue to invest in protecting the species impacted by urban dangers and illegal traffic in the Atlantic Forest region of Rio, returning them to where they belong. The institute is the main partner of Ibama - Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources - in Rio, having rescued more than 9,000 wild animals of different species since 2015. In 2021, we donated BRL 27,624.00 for actions such as releasing 20 Maracanã macaws and customizing the boxes used to release the animals.

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