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  • black wild horses reversible puffer jacket

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    crochet colorful forest reversible puffer jacket

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    black macaw forest reversible puffer jacket

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    black graphic toucans ski puffer jacket

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    banana bunch ski puffer jacket

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    mixed scarves ski puffer jacket

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    toucanfly recycled polyester reversible puffer jacket

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  • neon mushrooms recycled polyester reversible puffer jacket

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Puffer Jackets

Winter might have the shortest sunlight periods, but it doesn't mean it can't be a bright season. To help you shine the cold weather away, we introduce you to FARM Rio's range of men's and women's puffer jackets: vibrant outerwear styles with prints, color palettes, and detailing that bring the best of Brasil's fauna, flora, and cultural elements. Dive into our collection and find your piece!


Puffer jackets: statement outerwear pieces to never go unnoticed

When we say FARM Rio is all about dressing in happiness all year round, we mean it. Our men's and women's puffer jackets range is an invitation to use fashion as a way of reimagining the not-so-warm seasons, (re)writing a joyful story from Fall to Winter.

The eye-catching styles in this section come straight from the tropics, featuring mixed prints with drawings and hues that represent the vibrant and diverse Brazilian energy. All pieces are made from cozy fabrics that feel like a warm hug for the soul, turning you into a solar event, whether you're living the city life or going for snowy adventures.

From hooded and belted styles to versatile all-in-one pieces, here you'll find the perfect outerwear to help you spark conversations everywhere!


Puffer jackets in all lengths and detailing

We have a cute puffer jacket to suit your mood, whatever it is: find fixed and detachable hooded options, tying and buckled waist belts, crochet work, adjustable high neckline, beaded tassels, and much more to bring a creative touch to your everyday life.

Oh, and besides many classic length styles, you can also find maxi length jackets to embrace you from head to toe and bring a fancy-yet-cool vibe to your outfit.


Printed puffer jackets for a memorable season

It's no secret that our prints turn any clothing piece into a statement one, and with our printed puffer jackets, it isn't any different. Browse among patterns that feature plants, animals, and fruits that are inspired by our native rainforests, bringing a tropical energy to not-so-warm days.


Floral puffer jackets to bloom all season long

Spring can happen even on the coldest days if you're wearing our floral puffer jackets! These staples are bold essentials to add to your cozy wardrobe with their tropical flora in all sizes, shapes, and colors to help you blossom every time you step outside.


Colorful puffer jackets to brighten up the city

Our colorful puffer jackets are here to create a  year-round sunshine with their vibrant hues, and creative mixed color palettes that help you go off the mainstream, lifting everyone's mood as you pass by.


Reversible puffer jackets to be many in one

We know you can't be confined to only one style, that's why we have reversible puffer jacket options to stretch your fashion repertoire even further. These pieces feature two different — and, yet, just-as-bold — prints, with pockets, center front zippers, and hoodies that work both ways, saving you some closet space while helping to spread joy all around.


Ski puffer jackets to warm up the soul

If your Winter plans involve snowy adventures, our ski puffer jackets are here to make sure you feel warm and cozy all the time. This special range features breathable fabrics that are windproof, and waterproof — all of this combining the most vibrant prints for you to hit the slopes in the happiest way.

Make sure you match your warmest puffer jacket with a just-as-cozy pair of colorful pants, grab your skiing accessories, and get ready to flow around the snow in the most fashionable way.


Are puffer jackets for Fall or Winter?

Puffer jackets can be worn all the way from Fall to Winter seasons — it really depends on how each person feels about the cold weather. <3


Are puffer jackets good for extreme cold?

Yes! Our ski styles are specifically designed for low temperatures, from 14° to 50 °F/-10° to 10 °C, being the warmest puffer jackets to add to your winter wardrobe. Besides, all of our pieces are made with warm fabrics and body-embracing detailing, so they're prepared to replace the freezing feeling with wholesome ones.


Which color is best for puffer jackets?

All colorful puffer jackets are great options, if you're feeling like coloring your path through the season. Browse among our navy blue, pink, yellow, red, and many more hues to find the one to help you shine on — you can even match them with our coold pairs of boots & sneakers for a more complete and creative look!

Whatever the mood, come in colors with us by ordering your new puffer jacket on FARM Rio's website, and start spreading happiness everywhere. And if you're looking for cozy staples to embrace the tropical vibe all year round, make sure to check out our sweaters and knits full range!