4 years of the partnership with the Yawanawa people, a meeting that transformed our view and relationship with indigenous peoples and nature forever.

since then, we seek to support and give back to these people and their history a place of healing, care and respect.

together, in 4 years of the project*, we’ve achieved so far:
- 160 empowered artisans
- generation of more than R$1 million in direct income
- 2.000 trees planted in deforested areas
- production of 3.223 pieces
- structuring of the artisanal chain
- over R$400.000 in local investments
- internet installation in 7 Yawanawa villages
- annual support to the mariri Yawanawa cultural festival
- vocational education offered to the Yawanawa youth
- +500 pieces of FARM clothing donated to the villages 2017-2020


we’ll continue to dream and transform together

the feminine strength

it’s impossible to talk about the FARM + Yawanawa partnership without talking about the feminine strength or the story of Mariazinha and her sister, who had the courage to empower themselves and do things that, before, only the men of the tribe could do, such as becoming a Shaman. and it was through this preparation process to become a Shaman that the indigenous women had visions and, later, they would translate them into symbols of the bracelets and necklaces made by them.

“when we shared our drawings with FARM, it also carried our strength and the wisdom of our ancestral knowledge. spirituality is the bridge between both universes, it’s what rescues and keeps our essence and native culture alive.”

Mariazinha Yawanawa, who transformed the visions of her sister, Shaman Kátia Hushahu, into paintings on fabrics.