Havaianas <3 FARM

Yes, here’s the best Summer collab you could ask for: FARM Rio and Havaianas, two Brazilian brands you love, are together to make your sunny season even more colorful. Now you can spread joy all around matching prints from toes to head (and vice versa!).

Get inspired by some of our fave influencers we invited to share their FARM <3 Havaianas outfits!

Aemilia Madden is a California native who landed in NYC and is the creative mind behind the @aemiliafay. To have some fun in the sun (it’s about time, huh?), she picked a basic-not-basic way to style her FARM <3 Havaianas!

Valentina Padilla is a strong representation of Latinx women of color and highlights the importance of sustainability through her @sunflowervalentine profile. And she’s here to inspire you while mixing colors, prints and her FARM <3 Havaianas while getting a tan.

Alyssa Coscarelli is perhaps best known by her Instagram handle, @alyssainthecity. And now also for adding lots of layers to create her sun-loving FARM <3 Havaianas look.
What’s your FARM <3 Havaianas way to be Summer-ready?

Arpana Rayamajhi is a jewelry designer, actress and a multi-artist who brings the colors of Nepal to the world at @arpanarayamajhi, translating her heritage and artisanal tradition into unique pieces. She also follows the sun with her vacation-ready FARM <3 Havaianas look!