FARM Rio ❤ Alberto Pitta

One of the highlights of our Spring Collection are prints we created in collaboration with Alberto Pitta, a Brazilian fine artist, pioneer of Bahian-African prints and creator of the Cortejo Afro at the Oyá Institute.

Pitta is a gift to the world and it is true that, from his work, many "cortejos" (parades), summers and projects have been born. We fell in love with Pitta's work and co-created pieces with him that bring his roots to life.

Mother Santinha de Oyá, ialorixá (priestess) and mother of Alberto Pitta, is one of Pitta’s greatest inspirations and the reason why he chose the path of the arts and the endless possibilities of stamping the world. When we met Pitta, we thought about a thousand projects together. Nothing we imagined was as magical as what we actually managed to do.

Inspired by the familiar atmosphere of religiosity, Pitta brought prints full of symbols, meanings and identity, the result of his relationship with the Candomblé terreiros (places of congregation) and the sensitivity of reinterpreting daily life using an easy, common and innovative language at the same time.

Oyá Institute

For every purchase of these special pieces, you help support the Oyá Institute, which fosters educational programs and strengthens social inclusion for children and adolescents from the neighborhood of Pirajá, Salvador.