Fall Collection 2020

Made with love, guided by nature
As we look into the future we want to create through our souls, our essence, our nature.

Nature is where creativity can be re-found.
It’s where we seek our colors, shapes and inspiration. When we connect with natural elements, we create a powerful relationship that goes beyond the prints.

We believe in a future where we are one with nature, where our collectivity is key to change the future of Mother Earth.
We breathe nature to give beauty back to the world.


As we become one with nature, we build a powerful togetherness: each of us has its own force, but it is in our differences that we find the strength that impacts the collective. Our knowledge and experiences make our own story unique, with each other and with nature. Meet our #naturelovers: we brought models, friends and the FARM team together, people who are part of our own history, to present the new Fall 20 Collection.

*The photography session happened in January before the pandemic started.

Special thanks to: Casa Juise, Marcela B, Isabela Capeto, waiwai e waiwai + Betina de Lucca.

Beauty: Cida Nogueira e Piu Gontijo
Beauty assistant: Patrícia Niemeyer
Styling: José Camarano, Ágatha Barbosa, Isadora Villarim
Creative Direction: Gabriel Oliveira, Julia Staneck e Ana Clara Bandeira
Photography: Raphael Lucena
Photography assistant: Flávio Marques e Marcos Apollo
Video: Marina Benzaquem
Scenic design: Lucas Fontes
Executive Production: Bruna Salgado
Executive Production assistant: Thaissa Dias