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  • blue and white stripes romper

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    stiched garden blue romper

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  • green ocean tapestry belted romper

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    the kiss multicolor one shoulder romper

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  • red palermo sleeveless romper

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  • red jungle scarf romper

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    off-white romantic bandanas organic cotton romper

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  • blue lace banana romper

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    lilac beaks & bananas v neck romper

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Nothing puts practical and stylish together better than a refreshing one-piece — except, of course, when this staple features the best of Brasil's fauna, flora, and cultural elements in its print. That's why at FARM Rio we have a whole range of easy-breezy rompers for women in colors, shapes, and details that manifest Rio as a state of heart. Browse the collection to find your match!


Rompers for women: styles to help you spread happiness year-round

Whether going for a stroll in the park or living your best city adventures, the versatility of the rompers can get you through anything in style. These playful designs are made to feel easy and comfy, perfect for wearing all day long, and they get even better when our creative team from the tropics adds some vibrant elements to the mix.

Our range of rompers for women features effortless styles for everywhere and every wear, all made with fabrics that feel good on the skin and radiant prints to help you lift the mood around you. From flattering belted styles to artisanal-inspired ones, keep reading to discover all the details of this collection!


Sleeveless, short and long-sleeve rompers

When we say FARM Rio is here for year-round sunshine, we mean it. That's why our range of women's rompers features sleeveless, short, and long-sleeve styles, so you can wear them in every way, occasion, or season. From show-some-skin pieces, perfect for enjoying the sunlight, to body-embracing ones, we have everything to create outfits that suit your needs.


Colorful rompers to stand out from the crowd

Spark conversations wherever you go while in our colorful rompers range, full of bright and bold styles inspired by Brasil's vibrant energy in every hue. Find pieces in different shades of pink, orange, green, purple, red, blue, and many other colors that can be adjusted to your mood and matched with just-as-vibrant shoes to help you express your best self yet.


Belted rompers to flatter your look

Feel good in your own skin when wearing one of our belted rompers, and pair it with your best memories, whatever the moment or occasion. These chic yet cool pieces give the body the most flattering hourglass silhouette while keeping the look playful.

You can find these staples featuring must-have detailing, such as jaw-dropping plunging necklines, artisanal crochet work, and vibrant prints — the perfect combo for making a statement and getting compliments as you pass by.


Tropical rompers from fabrics to prints

Give your everyday life a touch of Brasil's energy with our tropical rompers: a collection of styles that feature refreshing fabrics and nature-inspired prints, designed by our creative team straight from the tropics. Find easy-fit pieces full of fauna, flora, and Brazilian cultural elements, all in bold colors to match your colorful soul.


What should be worn under a romper?

It depends on the style of the romper and on how comfortable you feel wearing it. Most of our staples can be worn without bras underneath if you don't feel like it, and some pieces — such as the spaghetti strap or V-neck ones — might go well with a special undergarment so it doesn't show.


On what occasions can a romper be worn?

Rompers can be worn for any occasion! From daytime picnics and vacations to more casual work environments, and even wedding situations, you just need to add the right complementary pieces to create the perfect outfit.


How to style a colorful romper?

Styling a colorful romper is easy! Just consider the occasion you're dressing for and the message you want to pass with your outfit to make your choice.

If you're going to formal events, it's a good idea to create balanced looks by matching your piece with solid-color layers, shoes, and small accessories. But if you feel like going bold for a more casual situation, just pair your staple with just-as-colorful pieces and get ready to indulge in happiness from head to toe.


Can rompers be worn during cold seasons?

Yes, and rompers are great options for transitional wardrobes! If you feel like it's not so warm outside, you can always complete the look with your fave cardigan or any other outerwear to enjoy warm feelings from the inside out.

Order your new romper today at FARM Rio and start writing a bright, colorful chapter to your story, whatever the season or the mood you're in. And if you're looking for chic long one-pieces, make sure to check out our jumpsuit range, with styles to get you through the day in the most tropical way!